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Today, local and regional governments from all over the world can start making real progress on issues ranging from urban and rural planning to ecotourism, sanitation and more. How? By requesting local expertise through CONNECT.

CONNECT is a new and practical mechanism created by PLATFORMA and one of its founding partners VNG International and supported by the European Commission. It gives you the possibility to connect with international colleagues and benefit from their experience, knowledge and skills. You can also offer your expertise and put it to good use in municipalities and regions around the world.

What’s the specificity of CONNECT? It is complementary to existing forms of decentralised cooperation but the main strength of CONNECT is its colleague-to-colleague approach.

PLATFORMA partners

Thanks to our partners and members of PLATFORMA, we are able to reach out to experts in municipalites throughout the EU.



Interested? Feel free to spread the word of CONNECT by use of our press kit. This press kit contains our most recent flyer and other relevant communication materials which you can share with others.