Join the CONNECT network

Local and regional governments from European countries can apply to CONNECT by sending an application form and CV to CONNECT, herein mentioning the request they would like to address.

In spring 2017, municipal staff from Iceland, Spain and the Netherlands exchanged skills and knowledge with colleagues in Cambodia, Colombia and Ghana. Between spring 2018 and the beginning of 2019, staff from municipalities and local government associations from Palestine, Moldova, Sri Lanka and Burkina Faso, exchanged skills and knowledge with colleagues in the Netherlands, Brazil, Spain, and France. The exchanges marked in red took place in the pilot phase of CONNECT. The exchanges marked in blue, took place in the bridging phase of CONNECT.

CONNECT is still in development at this time. Joining the CONNECT network will be possible in the near future. If you wish to stay updated, please subscribe to the PLATFORMA newsletter.

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